Your Hero Spirit

How can transformative learning allow all learners to embrace their hero spirit?

How can transformative learning allow all heroes (spirit) be at home so that they may contemplate what they might change of themselves?

Can mutual experience, the pathos of life and heart’s desire connect us to each other?

Are our hero selves called to defend us?

Are you consciously connected to your “beingness”?


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A myth like any great work of art, can become an initiation that helps support a rite of passage from one phase of life to another. Mythical thinking supports imagination, enabling new knowledge and ideas to surface. Belief in the invisible and seeing things before they actually appear can be a powerful reality.

A visual summary of a Short History of Myth.


Myth Image - Chapter 7




Visual Thinking

The future of business problem solving is with visuals. We discover a completely new way of “Seeing”. Visuals construct the story, create meaning and sell ideas.


Visual Literacy Array based on ACRL's Visual Literacy Standards

IPAD Doodle – Empowerment

Moving From Empowerment

Empowerment is a pretty commonly used phrase

A working definition includes:
  • Having decision-making power
  • Having access to information and resources
  • Having a range of options to make choices
  • A feeling that the individual can make a difference
  • Effecting change

Empowerment is complex and for each of us it shows up and feels different. The depth of this feeling when really felt can bring chills to the cause and matter at hand. When we feel stuck or in a rut we can easily focus on what is happening to us. Empowerment is a process versus an event and at some point we have the opportunity when it is right to shift our internal beliefs on our own power versus the external world of what is happening to us. This is really a delicate art. Authentic empowerment comes from the depth of our soul, with all that we are, that moves us to a better place, a better way and a new day.

We are all powerful beyond measure, stepping into all that we desire to be, whenever we choose to ignite our power.

  • How are you empowered?
  • How is your internal world showing up in your external world?
  • Where could you be more empowered in your life?

IPAD Doodle – New Ways

New Ways, New Days


The opportunity for a new beginning means we get to re-set our life. Depending on what the new start is, it can impact us differently. When was the last time you re-set your life? Purposely picked, chose and put something new in your path? The goodness in a new start, is that we have a chance to formulate new behaviors, new habits, new feelings and start to belong and step into new energy. We become products of our environments. When we change our environment, we can re-shape who and what we want to be.

What truth of yours could be claimed with a new way?

Whether a new way is how you lead, how you are in a relationship or with the world, we all have the opportunity to create our own sense of belonging. If you are not feeling it today, find a new way with doing it differently tomorrow.

What new way and new day will be yours?

1) What would allow you to have a better sense of belonging in your own life? In the world?

2) What is one area of your life that needs to be re-set?

3) What new benefits would you feel with choosing something new?

IPAD Doodle – Your Freedom

Do You Have The Freedom You Want?

Your Freedom

Do you have the freedom you want in life? Is there ease to move, wander and explore who you are and want to be? What area of your life do you feel the most freedom, peace of mind and ease? What area of your life are you feeling a bit too boxed in and unable to move in the ways you want to?

If you could fly like a free bird, what would you do more of in your life? What is holding you back to the freedom and expansion you want?

What would give you power, passion and enable you to be all that you want? What would enliven you beyond belief?

Access Your Freedom

  1. Identify 3 areas where you want more freedom in your life.
  2. What actions or steps could you take to allow a bit more freedom into this area?
  3. What is holding you back?

Pixture What’s Next

The Power Of The Pixture!


It’s interesting how pictures make the story so much more clear to us. When we SEE it visually we relate, get it and can be emotionally moved inside. While words are powerful beyond measure, pictures can move us, inspire us and stimulate all sorts of creative ideas. Combining words and pictures together can create and can ignite a story that is complete.

What would your story be in only pictures? When was the last time you put up pictures for your latest goals, dreams and aspirations?

When was the last time you did a presentation at work in only pictures and moved your audience through storytelling? A fine art, of engaging your audience through pictures alone, keeping them on the edge of their seats with an unfolding story.

The power of the picture immediately gets our right brain engaged and working. How often in your life do you use your right brain?

Your Picture!

  • What would be 5 pictures that would describe your life?
  • What would be 3 pictures of goals in your life?
  • How could you use pictures and storytelling at work to engage your audience in a new or different way?

Hanging On

Why is it that we grip things so tight in our life and can’t let them go? Is it our loyalty, our need for security, what we have always known, fear of the unknown if we let go? What drives us to protect at all costs what we have, even when at times, it isn’t what is best for us?

We have all gone on wild rides in our lives. Down exits that started out clear and purposeful, but soon turned into a heavy fog. It seems that we can allow ourselves to stay in heavy fog way too long, like an overcooked BBQ. We pretend everything is okay, we work to make the best of it and before we know it, we are more than 10 degrees off our original life coordinates.

It becomes a merry-go-round of spinning which keeps us going through phases of emotional, mental and physical ups and downs. I have realized on my own journey that I have had to learn a few key lessons to actually move beyond now. Declaring that we desire to move on, a clear picture in our minds of what is next and emotionally stepping into that place can be as wide as California to New York. It is easy to keep letting ourselves hang on and justifying many reasons when all the symbols under the universe are present to make a change.

A few pearls of wisdom from my own journey that are key aspects to leaving the past and the grey neutral zone behind… and ACTUALLY starting the new beginning:

Letting Go – Stepping into the unknown is so hard and can be rather frightening. Whether it is changing cities, taking a new job, ending a relationship, or accepting an aspect of yourself. Our ability to really embrace and do the inner work to prepare us for any chance is fundamental for congruence in the long run.

Surrender – When we believe that the universe won’t let us fail and that we really are where we should be, we release the reins on our resistance and things get easier. Like the Laws of Attraction, when we resist and battle ourselves, we attract more of that energy into our lives. When we shift our power to a new way of seeing things, we create new possibilities for ourselves.

Belief – When we doubt ourselves it doesn’t help the change we want to be. Our committee of “rackets” in our heads can come out in full force and make up all kinds of stories. We need to really believe in our natural talents and that our intuitive voice is right.

Your Creative Power

It is amazing what flurry of emotions we can receive with participating in new experiences. I recently was electrified with jolts of lightening power while being in the close presence of John Mayer and Keith Urban. Jobe Man got us 9th row center stage seats for an awe inspiring and spectacular night.

While I love music and how much it inspires me, (especially while running) I can’t really say that I have participated in 9th row seat concerts before.

It was quite a sensational feeling to be so close to their energy, facial expressions, movement, stage communication and emotions. Their personal power to impact the hearts and minds of everyone attending seemed like a huge responsibility. It seemed like nothing short of damn cool to sing your heart out in front of thousands, delivering any kind of musical note, lyric or message to impact us.

I certainly listened in admiration as I watched their natural talents being recognized. I also observed their easy touch to light the audience on fire. As I was physically there in lots of loud cheering and packed commotion, I found myself internally wondering, pondering and reflecting on a few things…

  • We all have the capability to touch the hearts and minds of everyone we cross paths with each and every day; even if we don’t sing and set foot on stage.
  • The magnificence of when we do align and lean into such congruence with our talents, gifts and purpose, the impact we have on others.
  • What are the ways I express my voice and heart for the world to hear?
  • What is the back story to their success and is their journey of determination like my own?

I was struck by 3 key things:

Living Your Gifts:
What would be possible in the world if we all were exactly on our life’s purpose? If we all lived daily in an environment where our strengths were actualized and realized? For some, this is a daily occurrence and for others, it is still being figured out. How would we “be” if we declared our life mission around what made us truly happy and fulfilled?

Sharing Your Creative Soul:
Oh the power of creative expression, flow and mojo! When we ignite the forces inside of us to come forward and live large, it is amazing what we can achieve, accomplish, share, be and do. How can we unleash more and allow our intuitive ideas have the center stage versus the back stage? In what ways can we light others on fire, to allow the magic in their lives appear?

I absorbed the admiration of Keith and John’s friendship. I appreciated the words of kindness that John expressed towards Keith publicly and the gratitude he had in his heart for finding and having a kindred spirit in his musical life. The power of friendship in the areas where we can be pushed to express our gifts is such a blessing. Who does this for you in your life? Who is helping make YOU better? Is there a wise soul who has a deep well of wisdom to share with you?

Right Brain & Left Brain

The notion of trying to balance our left and right brains is quite a fascinating process. Typically we each have a natural preference for either operating our lives out of the right brain or left brain. When we tell stories, use visuals and express from the heart we access part of our right brain. Our logical and analytical side, keeping things rational and unemotional keep us focused on our left brain. Within each of us, we have a capacity to access both. Our environment certainly rewards leading with different sides of our brain and we accordingly accommodate to succeed, accomplish and sometimes even survive.

We build our left or right brain muscle capacity dependent on the work we do, the environment we are in, how we get rewarded and what feels natural to us. The notion that stories and emotions are elements that draw us in, enroll the heart and inspire us to engage are powerful aspects of the right brain. Scientific evidence, factual data, and logical conclusions appropriately warrant incredible development and reasoning.

The graphic visuals work has this nice blend of taking what is completely rational thinking and turning it into a visual story and graphic illustration. Almost instantaneously, both worlds meet. The benefit? New thinking, new ways of seeing the picture, issue or problem, innovation gets ignited, and wonder of the possibilities is seen in a new capacity.

  • How do you blend both the right and left brain on a day-to-day basis?
  • Is it easier for you to remember facts or stories?
  • Do you spend your day in mostly a left or right brain type company?
  • What is one thing you could do that would be using the non-dominant side of your brain?
  • What benefits do you believe can be created with a balance of using both the right and left sides of your brain?