IPAD Doodle – New Ways

New Ways, New Days


The opportunity for a new beginning means we get to re-set our life. Depending on what the new start is, it can impact us differently. When was the last time you re-set your life? Purposely picked, chose and put something new in your path? The goodness in a new start, is that we have a chance to formulate new behaviors, new habits, new feelings and start to belong and step into new energy. We become products of our environments. When we change our environment, we can re-shape who and what we want to be.

What truth of yours could be claimed with a new way?

Whether a new way is how you lead, how you are in a relationship or with the world, we all have the opportunity to create our own sense of belonging. If you are not feeling it today, find a new way with doing it differently tomorrow.

What new way and new day will be yours?

1) What would allow you to have a better sense of belonging in your own life? In the world?

2) What is one area of your life that needs to be re-set?

3) What new benefits would you feel with choosing something new?

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