IPAD Doodle – Your Freedom

Do You Have The Freedom You Want?

Your Freedom

Do you have the freedom you want in life? Is there ease to move, wander and explore who you are and want to be? What area of your life do you feel the most freedom, peace of mind andĀ ease? What area of your life are you feeling a bit too boxed in and unable to move in the ways you want to?

If you could fly like a free bird, what would you do more of in your life? What is holding you back to the freedom and expansion you want?

What would give you power, passionĀ and enable you to be all that you want? What would enliven you beyond belief?

Access Your Freedom

  1. Identify 3 areas where you want more freedom in your life.
  2. What actions or steps could you take to allow a bit more freedom into this area?
  3. What is holding you back?
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