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Need An Effective Meeting Template?

This place is for you if you are looking for templates to support your team or client’s learning process!  Interactive, creative, and fun worksheets to allow your clients, teams and leaders to reflect, process and discover!

  • Are you a coach, consultant, educator or business leader who could benefit from having customized templates supporting your programs?
  • Could your employees, students or clients achieve their goals in a faster and clearer way through supporting visual graphic templates?
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What Are Graphic Templates?

  • Visual maps that are simple and easy tools to help you and your team focus on how to get there!
  • A snapshot map, that captures where things currently are using words & images.
  • Brainstorm worksheets to visually depict where you want to be in the future with words & images.
  • Templates that can be used with groups and individuals to facilitate thinking, ideas and reflection in a supported and purposeful way.
  • Customized templates include design work specific to client needs and are supported to determine the end-to-end learning needs in a single template or a series of templates.


Graphic Template Examples

Are you a coach, consultant, leader or educator? If so, visual graphic templates can assist you with facilitating clear and more thoughtful responses from your clients, students or employees. Select the templates that will support critical conversations and training sessions that you frequently have. These supportive guides will ignite new conversation and improved results!

Sample Graphic Templates and Topics:
  1. Teams With Purpose – Team Purpose, Team Connections, Our Services, Our Team History, Roles & Responsibilities, Our Stakeholders, Top 3 Critical Areas, How I Work Best Is, Diversity In The House, Leading With Inclusion, Leading With Trust, Trust Accelerators, Handling Team Breakdowns, Prioritization Map, Strategic Environment Planning, Our Strategic Pillars
    Teams With PurposeTeams With Purpose
  2. Meeting Design – Parking Lot, Meeting Design Format 1, Meeting Design Format 2, Meeting Design Format 3, Meeting Design Format 4
    Meeting Format 1Meeting Format 2
  3. Jump Start Your Life – Mind Map What’s Next, Personal Vision Road Map, Life Vision Map, Your Fitness Plan, Simplify Your Life, Your Creative Expression, Choose What’s Next, My Story, What I Am Leaving Behind, My New Beginning, What Is Stopping Me, Enroll In Life, My Trump Cards, Miracles I Am Creating.

    Jump Start Your Life
    Jump Start Your Life
  4. Leadership Street- Business History Map, Business Transitions, Building Your Strategy, Your Change Plan, Business Life Cycle & Talent, Talent Mindset, Strategic Talent, Building Your Team,  Innovation Action Plan, Coaching Others, Leading With Your Heart
    Leadership StreetLeadership Street
  5. Drive Your Career – Mapping Your Career History, Big Ideas, Ideal Fit & Direction, Navigation & Networking, Your Career Plan, Your Brand Identity
    Drive Your CareerDrive Your Career
  6. Be Who You Are – Defining Your Best Self, Being Vs Doing, Speaking Your Inner Voice, Listening To Your Intuition, SELF Love
    Your Best Self – Be Who You AreYour Best Self – Be Who You Are
  7. Love Your Body – Your Body Relationship, Listening To Your Body, Body Wisdom, Acceptance, SELF Care Practices, Your Personal Power
    Love Your BodyLove Your Body


Custom Graphic Templates  – U DESIGN!

Do you need templates to custom fit your needs? Whether it be for training sessions, a program launch, client meetings, conferences or focus groups, custom templates can be designed for your needs.

If you desire to create new templates that support a learning process, meeting activities, or anything else that warrants a visual aid, I will partner with you to develop the end-to-end process of templates.

Contact Me today to discuss the templates you need!

The Graphic Template Customized Process

The steps and partnership with creating the templates you need!