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You Always Have A Choice

Regardless of what has happened, you always have a choice in life. Sometimes it may not exactly feel that way, but you do. As bad as things may get, you have a choice to stay in it or choose something else. Choosing and deciding are fundamentally different. When we choose, we powerfully acknowledge we want it, believe in it and claim it as ours.

It’s A Spiritual Journey

The search for a truth seeking adventure is our entire lifetime. Our own spiritual pursuit to know ourselves, know others and contribute to the world is our own possibility. When we pour our heart and soul into our passions, we unleash our best self and contribute to the world.

Anything Is Possible

This thing called belief is such a powerful and profound notion. When we believe in ourselves in a new way beyond measure, anything really is possible. We often are worthy and capable far beyond measure of sometimes what we believe. Continuing to push your own boundaries may surprise you.


Life By Design Programs

Best Life Coaching Program

The Best Life Coaching Program is a comprehensive view of your life and will provide a base foundation of Inner Alignment, allowing you to become clear with your values, needs and beliefs. The Best Life Coaching Segment Programs will create supportive ways to focus on developmental areas in your life, allowing flexibility, reflection and action. All sessions are supported with visual graphic templates.

Jump Start Your Life

Sometimes we just need a nudge or a boost to get us going. Whether we are in a rut or are looking to expand ourselves into new possibilities, Jump Start Your Life offers various coaching topics to get you re-focued and re-charged. All jump start sessions are 2.5 hours and are combined with graphic activity templates to provide a visual way to use and reference your new direction. These coaching sessions give you the focused nudge you need in a few hours.

Design Your Life Workshops

Whether virtual or in person, designing your life is a must! Don’t let your life pass by without declaring and choosing what is next for you! Whether workshops or teleconference series, join a community to learn and grow.

Life Maps

Get a visual picture of your life, which can be mapped in any area and posted where you will see it everyday for inspiration and a reminder of what you declared!


Our Best Life

This thing called life; complicated, mysterious, rewarding, fulfilling, magical, disappointing, challenging and always changing. It is interesting how adversity in our lives can reveal the most vibrant colors within us. The windy road to our best life has so many exits and with each one we take, we learn something new. Each life lesson helps provide better clarity for us, whether we’re fully conscious to it or not. It is sometimes down an exit with a rather bumpy road that leads us to places we never imagined we would go, that provide defining growth. These moments can shape our truth, our purpose and allow us to hear our intuition with what is needed, wanted and valued.

What is our best life? For each of us, it is defined so differently. We get to choose the life we want to live each day; what we do, how we want to “be”, how we love, share, where we desire to roam, wander and grow. We get to be the conductor, creator and author of what we want our lives to be.I think we do get to have nine lives. We have the opportunity to stay present to the fact that we are skilled to do many things in this lifetime. And the possibility to keep reinventing ourselves into our next best self or chapter is like an artful act of what color butterfly we want to be next. Our evolution is a magical process which is a series of building blocks that allows us to cross bridges and discover new parts of ourselves. Each passage allows us to gain new wisdom about our capabilities and honor the calling within us. Every day there are signs and cues in our life to help us navigate our truth seeking  journey.

Each person we meet is a teacher, revealing what it is we need to learn. Always easy to deny, but the signs usually come back around in new and different way, when we don’t listen to them. Our intuition usually is a money back guarantee. Listen now, or listen later. My best life is aligning to what feels congruent. Sometimes we don’t even know what is congruent until we feel what is in-congruent and that gives us a clue. When we feel hallow or are not using all of our strengths,  we we may be in-congruent. And holding on, keeping a tight grip of the current state only creates more internal conflict. This push, this urge is the sign that re-evaluation is necessary.When I get in the zone, can’t stop thinking about my passions, and will do anything it takes to pursue them, I know I am congruent with my purpose. Finding the places where we shine the brightest, that we naturally do well and allow us to be a positive  impact, is the congruence we all deserve.


How Is Your Life Going?

Take this quiz and find out!

Rate Your Life Quiz

Answer each question Yes or No.

  1. Are you living who you want to be?
  2. Is your leadership style getting you the results you want?
  3. Do you know what your natural gifts are? Are they being used?
  4. Are you taking the risks that you want?
  5. Do you have meaningful relationships in your life now?
  6. Are you handling career and life transitions well?
  7. Do you love who you are?
  8. Do you have the energy you want in your life?
  9. Are you giving back to others on a regular basis?
  10. Do you love your job and what you are doing daily?
  11. Are you balanced and feel emotionally centered?
  12. Are you taking care of yourself with being healthy and fit?

How Did You Do?

Your Score Life Theme Guidance
3 or less No’s Choose To Celebrate You have done great work to create and author the life you desire and want. Bravo! Way to apply yourself in all areas of life. Continue to focus on the areas you do want to develop and grow. Choose what’s next by creating a blueprint road map with what you want!

Recommended Support Program For You:
4 – 6 No’s Choose To Evaluate Good job in the areas of your life that are working well. From your results, identify the top 1 or 2 areas that have growth opportunity and create an action plan. Determine what you want to shift and the new feelings you desire to have. 

Recommended Support Programs For You:
7 or more No’s Choose Big Changes Get your life back on track! Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to improve every area at once. Based your results, identify 1 or 2 top areas that are most important right now to pay more attention to and create your blueprint action plan. Determine what you want to shift and the new feelings you desire to have.

Recommended Support Programs For You: