Hanging On

Why is it that we grip things so tight in our life and can’t let them go? Is it our loyalty, our need for security, what we have always known, fear of the unknown if we let go? What drives us to protect at all costs what we have, even when at times, it isn’t what is best for us?

We have all gone on wild rides in our lives. Down exits that started out clear and purposeful, but soon turned into a heavy fog. It seems that we can allow ourselves to stay in heavy fog way too long, like an overcooked BBQ. We pretend everything is okay, we work to make the best of it and before we know it, we are more than 10 degrees off our original life coordinates.

It becomes a merry-go-round of spinning which keeps us going through phases of emotional, mental and physical ups and downs. I have realized on my own journey that I have had to learn a few key lessons to actually move beyond now. Declaring that we desire to move on, a clear picture in our minds of what is next and emotionally stepping into that place can be as wide as California to New York. It is easy to keep letting ourselves hang on and justifying many reasons when all the symbols under the universe are present to make a change.

A few pearls of wisdom from my own journey that are key aspects to leaving the past and the grey neutral zone behind… and ACTUALLY starting the new beginning:

Letting Go – Stepping into the unknown is so hard and can be rather frightening. Whether it is changing cities, taking a new job, ending a relationship, or accepting an aspect of yourself. Our ability to really embrace and do the inner work to prepare us for any chance is fundamental for congruence in the long run.

Surrender – When we believe that the universe won’t let us fail and that we really are where we should be, we release the reins on our resistance and things get easier. Like the Laws of Attraction, when we resist and battle ourselves, we attract more of that energy into our lives. When we shift our power to a new way of seeing things, we create new possibilities for ourselves.

Belief – When we doubt ourselves it doesn’t help the change we want to be. Our committee of “rackets” in our heads can come out in full force and make up all kinds of stories. We need to really believe in our natural talents and that our intuitive voice is right.

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